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My name is Alice Kirkham and since the age of five I have dreamed of backpacking across the world.  This is a journey that has been taken on by both of my parents, and even their parents before them, and has now become a bit of a family tradition or right of passage.  So, after countless years of planning and plotting, my time has finally come. At age 15 I had imagined embarking on this trip with neither map nor destination, however, the past years have lead me to realize that while aimless wandering has its charm, I personally need more of an intention or project to keep my restless mind occupied (or else who knows what trouble I’d get into).  So I decided to give my adventure a purpose. At a young age I developed a great interest for environmental preservation, sustainable living, and organic food production (along with my love of travel and trouble). The destruction of our planet and the unsustainable lifestyles in which we live are global phenomenons that are quickly becoming dire issues. Issues which we all need to be more aware of and help rectify.  For the duration of this trip I will be working with the Center for Food Safety (CFS), a non-profit based in Los Angeles, California (see information below for mission and contact information), as well as the citizens of the world to bring awareness to our earth’s safety and how to better live sustainable lives.


This Site

During my trip I will be visiting and speaking with organic and sustainable farmers, shop owners, and chefs from around the world.  I plan to obtain a better understanding of the workings of international food industries as well as people’s views and feelings about their food and environment.  Through in depth interviews and working with each subject on their home turf I hope to widen my own, as well as your, perspective on the possibilities of different applications of permaculture and biodiversity within small scale farms, and methods for greater sustainable living.  By starting these conversations we can better educate ourselves and our communities on nutritious and safe eating, as well as begin working towards ensuring that future generations will continue to be able to prosper on our planet and coexist with its many other species. On this blog you will find articles addressing such matters as well as mixed media highlighting the hard work performed by devoted global citizens who also dream of a greener, healthier future.  But don’t worry, the Sustainable Nomad isn’t all about work, remember that directionless 15 year old I mentioned previously? Well, she’s still in here somewhere 🙂 Along with articles and interviews I will also be updating you, reader, on my countless crazy adventures, for trust me there will be plenty. So please excuse my sure-to-be-ranting/rambling posts and enjoy the natural world as described to you by one intrepid Sustainable Nomad!



The Center For Food Safety


The Center for Food Safety has worked hard to educate communities on safe eating and advocate for environmental safety for the last twenty years.  By promoting organic and sustainable agricultural methods and starting grassroots campaigns through their True Food Network, CFS has been able to educate and fight against harmful food production technologies and industries.  To learn more about all the incredible work CFS does, or to take a stand and get involved please visit: