I was fortunate enough to be born into a nomadic family where, at a very young age, it was the norm to take exotic and unique trips to both remote and famous parts of the world.  Instead of following the hordes of other tourists, we usually opted for the path less trodden and found ourselves lost among temple ruins… or in the occasional rain forest (The waterfalls definitely made it worth the trek).  These experiences allowed me to become comfortable with both international travel and security checkpoints (everyone’s fave!). So when I decided that I wanted to embark on this year long trip I felt quite confident in my ability to not only complete my journey, but do it on my own.  So here we go 🙂

While I relish both the independence, and time for solo self discovery, I am also excited to be able to share my stories and adventures with the rest of the world. That means you 🙂

And yes that includes my mum and dad, (Hi parental units, miss you already ♥) and all of my extended family as well (so I’ll try and keep it appropriate).  Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or critiques. I’d love to hear them all 🙂

Peace and Aloha

Alice, the Sustainable Nomad